Yalla created a digital sound-integration campaign on TikTok and Instagram for DJ Marshmello and Lebanese singer, Nancy Ajram’s song, “Sah Sah.”


  • 17 major Arab and North American creators and celebrities such as Saif Shawaf, Keemokazi, Basement Gang, and Kaycee Stroh were sourced and onboarded to generate hype and virality for this Arabic and English music crossover.
  • Creators leveraged their content in unique and refreshing ways through TikTok and Instagram videos, immersive and interactive stories and reels ranging from comedic and cultural to even the creation of the “Sah Sah” dance trend that engaged millions of viewers.
  • We targeted influential music pages/creatives, diaspora, and lifestyle pages on Instagram to reach new markets and demographics, alongside utilizing music journalism to attract and engage the audience.
  • Hosted a BIZARRE FASHIONNIGHT Series fashion show in Toronto with diverse guests of acclaimed Canadiandesigners, celebrities, and creators to promote “Sah Sah” – 6.6M of organic reach and promotion by guests such as Maya Hussein and Farah Rahal social media.


Sah Sah” digital campaign garnered over 16M views and had an engagement of 1.5M users across social media.

By focusing on 17 exclusive high-impact North American and Arab creators, we leveraged a massive reach, engagement, and hype for “Sah Sah.”

The “Sah Sah” dance trend become a viral sensation. The movement of creating a viral impact with the song caught the attention of many creators, celebrities, and viewers alike, who followed the trend afterwards.

Yalla was part of the incredible team that helped make DJ Marshmello and Nancy Ajram’s track a phenomenal success—we are the first agency to bridge diaspora markets and create opportunities for leading international artists to collaborate and accumulate success globally.




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